Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yo, pump the brakes on all this Jimmy Garoppolo is the next big thing talk . . .

I'm as interested in seeing what becomes of Jimmy Garoppolo as anyone else, but I've noticed something in the media storm about him.

There appears to be a concerted effort by certain parts of the media to make Jimmy Garoppolo sound like a sure-fire HoFer in order to maximize his trade value.

Yes, a few players have said nice things too - almost like they were asked to go out and give comment by the organization.

But my main issue here is that it certainly appears that ESPN and NFL Network are doing everything they can to help the Patriots by hyping this guy up.

IF they were being even-handed and were just reporting the news, you'd be hearing the good stuff (that we already know), but also all of the other times an unproven QB has gotten a bit of playing time and looked good (both free agents and trades), then was brought in to be "The Guy" and have it not go well:

*Matt Flynn
*Scott Mitchell
*Rob Johnson
*Craig Erickson
*Gary Hogeboom
*Matt Castle
*A. J. Feeley (Andy Reid)
*Tyrod Taylor
*Jay Fiedler (Andy Reid)
*Kevin Kolb (Andy Reid)
*Brock Osweiler

Look, this guy could be totally legit - but I don't like the obvious manipulation where we are supposed to worship this guy - what, just so the Pats can get a 1st instead a 2nd for him?

And there are two guys I wouldn't trade with on QBs: Andy Reid and Bill Belichick.

Both are known for getting stuff out of their QB's that no one else will.

Any other QB's fit on the above list? Let me know in the comments!

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