Thursday, January 22, 2015

Deflategate and all that

Why would he do this, or allow it? Because he has no scruples whatsoever.
What is more likely, that he has been caught for the only two times where there was trying to gain an unfair advantage?
That every part of the organization where he is involved there is a concerted effort to gain an unfair advantage; and that spygate and deflategate are just the two times that he has been publically caught?
I say "publically" because if this story hadn't been reported by the media, it would have been resolved behind the scenes by the NFL.
Other than Bill Walsh or a young Paul Brown; no modern coach has ever had as much direct control over all aspects of the organization.
I can believe that Belichick would not be the one personally directing the deflation of footballs; but this could only happen in an atmosphere of competition where cheating in sly ways is institutionally encouraged and rewarded.
The biggest argument the the Belichick supporters have is that it would not have affected the outcome of this particular game whatsoever.
I don't think anyone is suggesting that it did. So, who are you arguing with?
The week before, the Patriots barely beat a scrappy Ravens team in freezing weather.
Are there any Belichick supporters that can honestly say that they don't think that the Patriot's balls in that game weren't intentionally deflated?
What do I think should be done? I'm torn on that. For the act itself, considering the advantage that was gained, I'd say the same penalty as spygate.
This seems to be a much lesser advantage than what was gained during spygate, but this is a second offense.
The only way to stop this sort of skullduggery is to hurt the Patriots competitively. A fine isn't going to do anything whatsoever.
And for those of you out there who thought the spygate penalty was too harsh? Well, since that penalty did not stop the Patriots from cheating, I'd say that the Patriots themselves are telling us the penalty was not severe enough - because they keep doing it.