Sunday, August 14, 2011

Colts at Rams preseason: First thoughts

Notes and observations from the first viewing of the game.  Later in the week I will will post more detailed stuff after I get a chance to go through the tape a few times.

  • 3rd round pick Drake Nevis looked to be really active and mobile.  He is *really* wide.
  • Curtis Painter looked good to me on his 2nd drive.  With Manning hurt they are treating him like the starter - only playing to series.
  • Dan Orlovsky looked like a guy that has about two weeks of practice.  He yelled at Taj Smith for pulling up on a route - I like that.
  • I noticed Ollie Ogbu making a few nice plays at DT in the 2nd half.
  • First round pick Anthony Costanzo came in later in the first half and looked OK.  The line play will be what I'm focused on when I review the tape later.
  • Second round pick Ben Ijalana also came in later and looked OK.
  • Chad Spann looks to have some nice burst out of the backfield. 

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