Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Colts avoid losing to Bengals 23-17

In one of the ugliest games in the Polian era, the Colts managed to hold on against the Bengals in a game featuring a match-up between the walking wounded and the walking-when-they-should-be-running.

The offense looked as good as you could expect in the first half considering that Manning was throwing to receivers that did not know the signals and had backs running the ball that either were playing injured (Brown) or were recently unemployed (James).

After getting up 10 points, the Colts seemingly decided to shutdown any real attempts to gain yardage in the air, resulting in a punt-fest through the middle of the third quarter until the end of the game.

I believe that after a few wrong routes and the near interceptions they caused, Caldwell decided to see if they could get the lead to stand-up by handing it to the defense.  The thinking was that the Bengals would not be able to get themselves together without the Colts handing them a turnover.

In the end they were right, but there were some moments of concern on the way to the conclusion.

Carson Palmer slung his reluctant and indifferent offense over his back and they nearly rode his damaged arm to a comeback win.  His valiant effort was marred however by several very obvious instances of his receivers showing the following characteristics: Alligator arms, unwillingness to extend for a catch, and complete lack of hustle when running a two minute offense.

Both Terrell Owens and Chad OchoDumbass (if he can't decide on what he calls himself, I'll decide for him) were seen walking back to the line after running routes when his team desperately needed every second.

If this happened with the Colts (or any properly run franchise) they would have both been suspended or cut.  Period.

Next up are the Patriots, a team that is currently playing very well.  I expect this to be a near certain loss due to the injury problems the Colts have.  Time will tell.


  1. I hope you post more often in the future. I would want to read your thoughts after every game.

  2. It might be easier to become psychic... :) I'll be posting a lot more. Going to make some videos too...