Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jeff Linkenbach's performance Sunday against the Bengals = a mixed bag.

In re-watching the game I noticed some issues with Linkenbach playing right guard in the place of the injured Mike Pollock.  The Colts reportedly started him over Devan because he brings more power to the position.  The tape bears that out.  He definitely is a better run blocker at guard that DeVan is.  But that is not hard.

The problem came when it came time to pass block.  Or not pass block as was the case.  Linkenbach required help to handle Bengals DT Pat Simms, who is a good player.  Whenever he did not get help, he was a turnstile.  He was not getting bullrushed, the problem was lateral quickness.  This was surprising to me since you would figure since he is listed as a tackle that he would do better in that area.  This may be something that can be fixed with technique; so he bears watching.

The rest of the line played ok for most of the game.


  1. Linkenbach replaced Pollak, not De Van.

  2. I know that, but I agree my wording made that unclear. What I meant is that while Devan was considered Pollock's backup, they went with Jeff Linkenbach . . .

    I fixed the wording to make it more clear. Thanks for pointing it out.