Sunday, December 19, 2010

Donald Brown to Colts Fans: How do you like me now?

Colts fans are being shown this season how much difference the offensive line makes to the running game - if they care to notice.  The Colts have rededicated themselves to running the ball, mostly to their left side using finesse runs behind Charlie Johnson and Kyle DeVan.  Donald Brown had three really nice game changing runs. Longtime fan favorite Dominic Rhodes had a couple of nice plays as well.

Austin Collie was having a great game after coming back from a concussion, but unfortunately he suffered another one and I don't expect to see him again during the regular season.  It might be in his best interest to be shut down for the year regardless.

This was an exciting game in the end, after looking like a Colts runaway early in the game.  But it always goes this way with Jacksonville.

I expect us to have a very difficult time with Oakland next week.  We do not match up with them very well and a loss would not surprise me.

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