Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Matt Flynn and Joe Webb - Analyzing Young Quarterbacks

One of my favorite things to do is watch young quarterbacks and try to extrapolate what I see into the future.  As a Colts fan, I don't get the chance too much.  Most times when someone other than Manning is in there - everything just turns into grab-ass.

I have seen a lot of young quarterbacks come through the league and I don't think I have missed on one yet, but then again I was not on the record either.  So here we go:

Matt Flynn is Aaron Rodger's backup in Green Bay and had his coming out party vs the Patriots this last Sunday.  I did not see anything I didn't like with Flynn and it is easy to see why he beat out Brian Brohm for the backup job.

Flynn is a big, upright passer with a strong and quick arm.  He showed good command and timing in Green Bay's west coast scheme, but he looks to me to be a guy who would play well in any offense.  He showed excellent command and composure and the offense allowed itself to be run by him.

His accuracy at every route level was excellent, his timing was right on for the most part.

For a young quarterback, he showed excellent judgement.  On multiple occasions he threw the ball out of bounds when a play was not there in order to prevent the sack and loss of yardage.  He did this a couple of times when a sack might have taken them out of field goal range.  I'd say that at least in this one game, he showed better judgement than Aaron Rodgers generally does in this part of the game.

He did very well with his feet also.  He has quick feet and has escapability; but unlike most young quarterbacks - running was not his immediate reaction to his first pass option not being there.

His pocket awareness was very good also, he was able to feel pressure and shuffle away from it whilst still keeping his attention down field.  In this he also seems to exceed Aaron Rodgers.

Now, I'm not suggesting that he should start over the excellent Rodgers, but Matt Flynn just put himself on the short list of young quarterbacks that are worth trading for and he might generate the kind of interest that Matt Schaub drew in Atlanta before going to Houston for a 2nd round pick.

I always try to figure out who a young quarterback reminds me of.  I'd say Flynn most reminds me of Aaron Rodgers.  And that is a good thing.

Joe Webb is a rookie who came in for an injured Brett Farve last night for the Vikings.  He practiced with the first team all week, but Farve got the start ahead of him.

When he did come in, I did not see anything from him that tells me that he can be a viable quarterback in the NFL.  Honestly, he looked like a big strong wide receiver playing quarterback.

He clearly has a very strong arm, and he has size.  He showed absolutely no pocket presence at all and was sacked several times when all he had to do was shuffle a little bit to the side to avoid the rush.  This is a critical problem that I see with athletic quarterbacks and I am excited when I see one who has pocket presence.  Webb does not have it.

When Webb came in the Vikings immediately scrapped anything complicated in their offense - this is not a good sign when you consider that he was practicing with the first team all week and his team was behind on the scoreboard.

It looked like he only was asked to make one read on a given play and he would just take off running if that was not there.

I feel completely confident that Joe Webb's destiny is not being a NFL quarterback.  I think you will see the Vikings draft a young QB in next year's draft.  Hopefully they have gotten over their fetish for running quarterbacks with no instincts whatsoever.

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