Saturday, January 8, 2011

Well, That Sucked: Colts lose to the Jets

The Jets got their running game going in the 2nd half and managed enough offense to force the Colts into what looked to be a game-winning drive.  That drive ended with a 50 yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri to give the Colts a two point lead.

What looked to be a hopeless situation for the Jets turned into great field position via a long kickoff return by Antonio Cromartie.

I thought Manning played really well overall, but our failure to *consistently* run on a defense that at times only had a single lineman on the field was our undoing.  Until the Colts can punish defenses that load up on the pass they will continue to be ineffective.


  1. Caldwell is simply not an HC. When Peyton isn't on the field, the game management falls apart.

  2. What you see on gameday is the tip of the iceberg. A head Coach in the NFL has a LOT of responsibilities. I think he is doing fine.

  3. Is this your last post of the year? I thought you were going to discuss the NFL in general. No talk about the Division round?