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What can Broncos fans expect from Manning and their team?

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Saith the outgoing Denver QB:
How come you two aren't sinking?
I'm taking a break from my non-stop Colts coverage to put in my final word on Peyton Manning and what Broncos fans can expect to see this season . . . and beyond. Any question? Feel free to contact me at (508) 543-8200

So, what are we looking at here?

In my opinion, Manning will have a dominant year and the Broncos are my favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this upcoming season. 


First of all, this Broncos team is more talented top to bottom than the two Colts teams that Manning took to the Super Bowl. Yes, I mean that.

Edgerrin James, right before
he blew out his knee.
Secondly, this will be the first time Manning has had a running game to work with since 2005. That was Edgerrin James's last season in Indy and at that time the offensive line was already starting to fade. As soon as defenses figured out that the Colts did not have a viable run threat, they started ignoring run fakes. If you look at Manning's yard per attempt by year, you'll see what I mean.

Chris Polian: Quinn Pitcock? Oh yeah,
he's got the best thumbs I've ever seen!

Peyton spent the final years of his Colt's career saddled by one bad Chris Polian pick after another - colossal busts Joseph Addai and Tony Ugoh being the foremost in my mind. 

I appreciate that Bill Polian wanted to cement his various offspring into cushy positions, but that fatherly instinct destroyed the Colts dynasty.

No caption could make
this more ridiculous.
Owner Jim Irsay waited too long to pull the plug on the rampant nepoliantism going on in the organization. This was a smell that even Lemon Zest couldn't cover up.

Mike Florio (right) passes his wisdom on to his new 
lead rumor-monger. Fifth new guy this week!
The current "topic" of conversation amongst the talent-less dregs that make up those who are paid to cover the NFL, is that Manning has not been throwing deep in Broncos Training Camp so far. From this they conclude that Manning's arm has not recovered enough to throw deep yet.

This is complete and utter BS. Seeing as how it takes far more arm strength to throw intermediate passes over the deep middle and middle outside of the field; what could possibly make someone think there is something wrong with his arm - based on the fact that he is not throwing long? 

The answer is idiocy. Sometimes these guys run out of bad things to say about their co-workers and start blindly lashing out at others.

One of the things that you Denver Fans are about to find out: Peyton Manning is possible the most misunderstood player in NFL history - by the mainstream NFL media that is.

That is why the vast majority of "analysis" you hear or read about him is sadly wrong. This Manning does not play in New York or New England. That means that most of the people "analyzing" Manning are doing so from highlights from the red zone channel. These knucleheads could never be bothered to actually watch a non-big market game all the way through. Anything west of Buffalo is just "fly-over territory" to these people.

This is why the article I wrote breaking down what was actually going on with Manning was such a hit. It was the first time that fans read something that actually jibed with what they saw with their own eyes.

Phil, your skin looks FANTASTIC!
About the only two analysts that seem to understand what Manning does is Phil Simms and Troy Aikman. Those are the only guys I can think of that don't spew incorrect information non-stop during a game.
This is why you should watch NFL games with the sound off. Someday, maybe the NFL will let you switch the audio track to what the announcers are spoon-fed in their earphones. That would be better.

John Madden to Jon Gruden: "Football isn't
interesting by itself! It's all about YOU!"
If you enjoy a game done by clowns like John Madden or Jon Gruden, then this article, blog, comments section, sport, etc, is not for you. Please leave now. This blog is about football. Not clowning.

What you are about to see in Denver is the rebirth of the best run faker in recent history. When Manning had his best statistical years with the Colts, they had Edgerrin James running that ball. James (after he blew out his knee) was amazing at getting four or five yards out of a running play that was blocked well enough for one. By running him on first downs, they Colts were constantly in 2nd and five type situations that really stressed the defense.

Even with losing their most powerful
blocker, Denver still has a great line.
This is what I see happening again with the Broncos. They excelled at run blocking last year - only partly because they had to.

Brandon Stokley's biggest fan
looks for an autograph.
With Demaryius Thomas and Brandon Stokley, Manning will have two serious threats to throw to on play action passes. During his record-breaking year in 2004, Manning used play fakes to constantly get Stokley open over the deep middle. He will do the same in Denver - at least until Stokley gets hurt. Basically, expect Eric Decker to take over the slot role for good after about two games.

The one weapon that Manning will really miss is Dallas Clark. Yes, I understand that Jacob Tamme, his former understudy, is on the team. He can look good in certain circumstances. Unfortunately for Tamme, the Broncos don't play in the CFL.

Whenever a NFL defense decided to take Tamme out of the game, all they had to do was put someone strong and powerful on him and he was done. Don't believe me? Just go dig up the tape on the Colts 2010 playoff loss to the Jets. The plastic bag in American Beauty has more power to stand it's ground than this guy.

It is clear to me that John Elway is doing a great job with the Broncos. He did not give Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday, or Reggie Wayne a sniff. Why? Because they are old and done. Who wants a team that loses half their team to injuries every year - like the Colts did in recent times.

I trust Elway to put a viable team around Manning; the guy has been golden so far. And with a good defense, there will be no stopping Peyton. 
Mmmm... tastes like...  Victory!

He'd have six rings right now if he'd been lucky enough to be a unheralded 6th rounder whose arm strength took a mysterious quantum leap after college.

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  1. I really hope this was a weak attempt at humor. It would be kind of sad to know someone was capable of being this incompetent about something they seem so passionate about.

    1. Whoosh! I guess it all went over your head. Sorry for aiming high.

  2. This Broncos team is more talented top to bottom than the two Colts teams that Manning took to the Super Bowl. Yes, I mean that. Well said!