Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colts snag LSU DT Drake Nevis in 3rd round

Wow, I'm glad that Drake Nevis was there for the Colts in the 3rd round.  Nevis is a pure Tampa-Two defensive tackle with no natural position in the 3-4 - which only a few teams still use.

He is a stout body type with good burst and change of direction.  Lacks top end speed, but makes up for it with hustle and feistiness. 

The Good:

  • Gets off the line very nicely and into the blocker
  • Manages traffic well and will be very helpful on stunts
  • Very strong for his size
  • Always hustling

The Bad:
  • Short for a DT at 6'1"
  • A little light for a DT (played at 286 lbs)
  • Lack of top end speed for chasing down plays
  • Plays high and thus wastes his leverage advantage
This guy had COLTS stamped all over him - I'm glad he dropped to us.

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