Saturday, April 30, 2011

Delone Carter (RB) is the Colts pick in the 4th round

In an interesting move, the Colts picked up a running back in the 4th round in the person of Delone Carter out of Syracuse.  It's no surprise to me, but to the many Colts fans who think Joseph Addai is a good running back - it is a shock.

I saw where one blog said it meant the end for Donald Brown - but this makes no sense.  Carter is a 1st and 2nd down back.  Brown is a 3rd down / scatback type.  Clearly Carter is not being brought in to replace your 2009 1st round pick - right?

All that said - I don't like this pick at all.  Based on the tape I watched, he looks decidedly average.

When evaluating running backs, I do not look at their long runs and say wow.  I look at how well the running play was blocked and I see if the running back gains more yards than what was blocked for.

The Pros:

  • Better than average balance
  • Good vision
  • Seems intelligent and thoughtful (based on interviews I watched)
  • Nice, compact solid body
  • Quick feet
The Bad:
  • Despite his size, is most often brought down by first tackler.  Does not run with power
  • Prone to breaking runs to the outside, whether it is a good idea or not.
  • Not a receiver
  • Not much of a blocker
  • Does not possess a "4th gear"
I would not be surprised if he does not make the team; I certainly do not see much production from him.  I think they got him to push Addai and Carter's future depends on how Addai reacts.


  1. Advanced metrics (and his play on tape IMO) both show Addai is a really effective back. I know I've been critical of your analysis, but it's not because I have vitriol towards you like I do for a certain blogger, but I just don't agree that Addai needs to be pushed at all. His running woes and Browns all have everything to do with the poor play of the line. Watch the tape and you'll see several missed blocks and players just getting over powered.

  2. I judge all running backs through the same rule: How many yards do they get in addition to what was blocked for them? Addai rarely gets more yards than what the blocking has created for him

    - whats more he usually gets tackled by the first guy.