Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New feature: The Top Ten Indianapolis Colts (Pre-1998)

I was thinking about doing a article on the top ten Colts of the Indianapolis era, but I decided that it would be dominated by players from the time Bill Polian joined the team in 1998.

There were a lot of great and beloved players who played for our Colts before then - even if as a team we did not have a lot of success.

In terms of my criteria, first off I am NOT a stats guy.  I don't care about stats - stats are for people who don't understand football.

My major considerations are how long they were here and what kind of impact on the team *and* the fanbase they had while they were here.  Bonus points for a player who brought national recognition to the team.

I do plan to do another list for the players from 1998 to present at some time in the future.

Hopefully you will enjoy it!  Feel free to share who you think should be on the list - I promise that it will have no effect on me whatsoever, but I'd like to see what others think.

I'll put direct links to each position as they are posted:

#10: Barry Krauss, Inside Linebacker (1979-1988)
#9: Jeff Herrod, Inside Linebacker (1988-1996, 1998)


  1. Obviously Jim Harbaugh belongs at or near the top of that list, if just for his leading the Colts to what should have been a superbowl (even without the Bailey drop, Kordell Stewart walks out of bounds and then comes back in to catch a touchdown in front of the ref???)

    Eugene Daniel belongs on that list.

    Faulk was productive, but seemed to be more of a headache than a helper in a lot of instances.

    Kerwin Bell needs to be on that list if nothing else than for being the only QB in Colts history to complete 100% of his NFL passes and retired with a perfect 158.3 Passer rating. 20% of his passes went for touchdowns. Career stats: 5 for 5, 1 touchdown.

    Just my thoughts.

  2. Don't forget that Kerwin almost died of some sort of intestinal disease before he came here from Tampa. The only real chance he had of making it in the league would have been playing for Walsh in SF.

    Maybe I might make Jeff George #1.... Wouldn't that be cool - local boy made good... :)